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Do you need a medical?

An RAAus pilot self assesses their fitness to fly, although fitness to drive a motor vehicle does meet the standard. If over 75 years of age, a medical declaration from your GP is required.

Any age limits?

A pilot must have attained the age of 15 years in order to fly an aircraft solo. There are no upper limits provided the person is fit enough to drive a car.

What if I decide I want to fly larger aeroplanes?

Hours logged in recreational aeroplanes count one for one if you later decide to obtain your Private  or Commercial Pilot licence (PPL or CPL). This would require additional training, such as instrument flying, which is not required for recreational pilots. The written exams for the PPL would also need to be completed. This can be done in Cowra with Fly-Oz which operates General Aviation aeroplanes.

What is the RAAus?

RAAus is the organisation which issues Pilot Certificates and pilots must become members, and maintain membership, of the organisation in order to exercise the privileges it offers. RAAus aircraft are limited to two seats and currently must weigh not more than 600kg (including the pilot and passenger). Additionally recreational aeroplanes generally do not fly into controlled airspace, operate at night or in cloud.

Can I have more information on RAAus

Check out LEARN TO FLY on the RAAus website. It provides a broad overview of what is involved in learning to fly in the friendly, fun world of Australian recreational aviation administered by Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated.

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